Soap Dispensing Palm Kitchen Brush

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Instead of filling the whole sink with soapy water to wash a few dishes, use this one! Dishwashing will be less of a bother thanks to the clever design. This dish brush puts convenience in your palm by allowing you to discharge a little quantity of soap with the push of a button. Durable nylon bristles quickly scrape away cooked-on food and are nonstick cookware safe. The bristle head is also changeable. It helps you to save money on water and dish soap by allowing you to use just the amount of soap and water that you need.

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Our scrubber is rust-resistant and removes tenacious stains, grease, and filth that have accumulated over time. The scrubbers are quite gentle on your hands when cleaning kitchen equipment and dishes. It is not going to splinter or harm your skin. Furthermore, it is simple to clean, durable, and dishwasher safe. Soap blasts out and onto the thing being washed with a gentle press of the button. Shaped for maximum comfort and scrubbing strength. Nonstick cookware and bakeware are safe with long-lasting nylon bristles.

While you scrub, the smooth, non-slip top cushions your hand, and a transparent window tells you how much soap is left. Simply unscrew the lid to refill the palm brush. Add it to your kitchen cleaning toolbox and you’ll save time washing the dishes! It’s fantastic for cleaning dishes and pots since it has round tip bristles! This one effortlessly dispenses soap at the touch of a button while washing. Nylon bristles are strong and safe to use on nonstick cookware, making scouring pots and cleaning pans simpler.

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