Portable Collapsible Water Bottle

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Why do we need a Collapsible Water Bottle?
You can stop worrying about staying hydrated while travelling when you have the best collapsible water bottle with you. Plastic water bottles are non-reusable, harmful to the environment, and take up a lot of space. However, collapsible water bottles fold and flatten once empty and expand right back on being refilled!

The collapsible water bottle is lightweight and leakproof. Made of non-toxic, food-grade platinum silicone, the bottle ensures the water or beverages are odourless and safe to drink. The leak-proof cap has a silicone ring to help seal it and keep it watertight. As long as the ring stays in place, you shouldn’t have any issues with it dripping. It does include an aluminium carabiner. It’s a fairly wide-mouth bottle. It’s possible that if you are biking or in rough waters, you might have spillage if you get jostled. It features a wide mouth with a patented, leak-proof twist cap and spout cover, which helps refill water or add fruits or ice cubes. 

Our Product
This foldable water bottle has a leak-proof cap, is dishwasher safe, and is made of durable, shatterproof silicone. Plus with a long list of free-from substances, including PVC and latex, this model is suitable for everyone. It even fits neatly into your car cup holder if you happen to be driving, or if you’re on a boat. The shape fits well in your hand so you don’t need to worry about it feeling clumsy when you’re trying to drink out of it.

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