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For cats, clawing is a need—not a hobby. They scratch not because they’re malicious and want to destroy the furniture in your home, but because it helps them keep their claws manicured, mark their territory, and stretch and play. If you fail to provide an acceptable area to scratch then your carpets, furniture, and wallpaper may get damaged. Once a cat finds an attractive area to scratch it will always return to it! 

Your cat will love this simple and incredibly sturdy Scratching Board. This Scratching Board allows the cat to scratch without damaging your furniture. Its material is sturdy, so it stays upright even during vigorous scratching or leaping. It’s big enough for cats to use comfortably yet small enough to work in small spaces. Made of corrugated paper material, it is environmentally friendly. With tight gaps, this product is strong and durable and guarantees not to hurt the claws of your furry friends. The Bone Shape design can be used as a scratching board and a cozy bed for cats to sleep in.

Size: 24*24*10cm

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