Luminous Tire Valve Caps

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Car tire valve caps, although not frequently discussed, are an important part of all car tires. They play an essential role in your tires, which means that they also require appropriate care. If you don’t look after your valve caps, your tires may, consequently, lose their quality and safety parameters. The purpose of the air valve cap is to keep dirt and debris out and to keep the air inside in case the air valve ever does leak.

Give your car a unique luxurious look with a beautiful dazzling glow. These practical valve caps can protect your valves from dirt and corrosion. Made of durable plastic, it can extend the service life of tires. Not only weatherproof and durable, but it also has high toughness and high strength. The valve cap has a built-in phosphor material, which can store light, absorb light during the day, and emit light at night. It protects the tire valves and is a nice trim. Our tire valve is stuffed with a rubber sealing ring inside, forming a tighter and more effective seal, so it won’t leak during long and hard driving.

Material: Plastic
Color: Luminous
Size: Size 1.2cm*1.6cm/0.47inch*0.63inch

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