Inflatable Car Air Mattress

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Car trips are very exciting unless they take more than four hours. If you’re a car traveler, you’ve probably had to sleep in a car at least once and it is true that a back seat is the least comfortable sleeping spot in the world. However, you can fix that pretty easily with our product!

Our Car Backseat Mattress is the one you’ve been looking for. The surface of the gap pad is made of sleek black flocked material which is extremely soft and comfortable. The rear is made of Oxford fabric, which is waterproof, anti-dust, and easy to clean. You can use an electric pump that connects to the car lighter socket providing quick and easy inflation within 2-3 minutes. After inflating, it can fill the entire car backseat area including the floor space, it provides a comfortable space for kids and adults to rest when driving. Not only does a mattress add cushion and insulation from the vehicle floor, but it also spares vehicle upholstery from wear caused by tossing and turning.

Our product has a safety bumper that can prevent you from worrying about your kid rolling off if you travel with family. Besides, this mattress for the car back seat becomes very versatile: you can use it as a regular camping mattress or turn it into a fully arranged sleeping space in your truck.

Color: As Shown
Surface Material: Flocking fabric
Dimension: 52*10.8 * 13 inches/ 130*27* 33 cm (after inflating)

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