Dog Summer Cooling Pad Mat

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When the temperature rises, the world seems a bit less pleasant at first. Dogs are no exception, and they have a thicker coat to deal with. It’s possible that a cooling pet pad might help your furry companion calm down and stop panting all the time.
When your pet is overheated, this cooling pad will give some comfort. To make traveling with pets easier, the self-cooling mat may be utilized as a pet bed or carrier.
To maintain the cooling mat fresh and clean, use soapy water to wipe it off. Sizes range from medium to big.
  • Supports regulation of body temperature on warm days
  • The cooling effect through body contact
  • Works without additional cooling, electricity, or water
  • Cools for several hours
  • Ready to be used again after a short interruption
  • Can also be used e.g. on beds, in dog kennels, or in the car
  • Simply wipe to clean

High-Tech Fiber: Dog cooling mat made with Cool Fiber, which will effectively lower the temperature to maintain the skin temperature in a comfortable state. 

Elaborate Design: The inner layer of the mat had water absorption material, which can provide strong absorption for urine and odour control. It’s also could be used as a pet pee pad or feeding mat. In addition, the bottom layer with a rubber patch and knitting fabric will make this mat leakproof.

Safety & Easy Clean: All materials are safe, non-irritating fibres, and without chemicals. 

Portable & Multiple Use: It is recommended to buy more than two interval uses. our cooling mat is lightweight and easy to fold up for carrying, good for using indoors, outdoors, and travelling. 

Keep Cool: In the hot summer months, a self-cooling cooling pad can keep your pet cool all the time. Cool fabric can effectively lower your dog’s body temperature, keep it in a comfortable temperature range, and make your pet feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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