Cleaning Eraser for Leather Care and Shoes Care


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Material: Rubber, leather detergent, frosted granules
Size(cm): Apprrox 7*2.5*1.5
Cleaning eraser suede sneakers care
Physical cleaning, whitening, decontaminated footwear eraser uses physical purification principles to quickly remove dust and dirt
Decontamination rubber, decontamination anytime, anywhere
Made of leather decontamination special oil and sneaker special making formula and production process, leather white shoes, suede, matte leather, can be used with pigment leather, glossy leather can not be used

NOTE: This eraser can’t turn old shoes into new shoes! It is also impossible to restore the shoes that have already produced chemical reactions, such as the yellowing of the shoes, or the penetration of oil into the material of the shoes.

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