Cat Drinking Fountain Water Dispenser

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Many cat owners just use regular drinking dishes. They’re excellent, however, have you noticed how difficult it is to see the water level within them? Cats have excellent vision, but an even better hearing sense. This implies that the sound of flowing tap water or water pouring down the petals of a fountain would undoubtedly pique your cat’s interest!
Provide your cats with a water fountain to encourage them to drink more. Cats have a lower thirst drive than dogs and may not always drink as much water as they need (especially when eating dry cat food, which contains very little water). When your cat does not drink enough water, it may cause dehydration as well as other health problems, such as a urinary tract infection.
This product is an obvious cat favorite, because of its accessible streams of water, easy-to-clean ceramic structure, and colorful variations. The design not only enables numerous cats to drink it at the same time from whatever angle they can get at it, but it also allows your cat to hydrate in a variety of ways. Cats may drink from the main bowl, lap water from the spout streams, lean in to drink from the bubbling top reservoir, or lick the thin layer of water that sprays over a flat second tier. If you’re looking for a cat water fountain solely to encourage your cat to drink more water, this device is a wonderful place to start.

Material: Food Grade
Product Color: Various Colors are Available
Maximum Capacity: 1.5L
Product Size: about 16×11.5×12.5 cm

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