Car Seat Memory Foam Sleep Pad

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Neck soreness is common when traveling long distances, especially if you haven’t had enough time to rest or relax. As a result, fatigue may develop simply as a result of not receiving enough sleep during the journey. When you reach, the last thing you want to feel is obligated to spend a day that could have been spent sightseeing as you’re tired. It’s not just about the physical discomfort when you’re fatigued; it can also affect your emotions. It may have a detrimental effect on your vacation’s first day.

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to minimize or reduce neck pain is to use a headrest cushion that is comfortable for you. This Car Seat Pillow can comfortably support one side of the head and neck and relax the muscles. The telescopic support rod is made of high-quality ABS material, which is stable and safe. The width of the pillow can be adjusted according to the width of the seat. In addition, the headrest can be removed, and it can be easily fixed on the headrest support bar. Your friends and neighbors will all be asking where to buy one.

Cloth Type: Cloth + Memory Cotton
Leather Type: PVC Leather + Memory Cotton
Size: about 36*20*11cm/14.2*7.9*4.3 inches;23*13*3cm

Packing Include:

1 × Car Pillow

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