Car Pet Safety Travel Seat

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As entertaining as it is to travel with a furry companion, unsupervised dogs can be rather annoying. It’s impossible to concentrate on the road when your dog is bouncing from front to rear seat, barking at onlookers, or a cat is getting onto your lap. Instead, be conservative. Keep the belly rubs at home and your pet secure with our Safety Pet Car Seat.

Its modest design does not take away from its comfort and usefulness for both dogs and cats. The product is trendy, as well as simple to use and clean. It’s tough and doesn’t have claws or fangs to worry about. It will be a fun experience for both you and your pet. This automobile pet seat, which is specifically developed for tiny dogs and cats, can effectively ensure the safety of pets while traveling. The four sides of the pet car seat may effectively lessen the rough ride produced by the pet colliding with the seat, lowering the pet’s uneasiness.

Pets may easily enter and depart the seat thanks to the zipper-close design. Seats have a safety lanyard that simply connects to the pet’s collar, aiding in the pet’s stability. Washable material that can be washed by hand or machine. Please do not use excessive heat to dry it.

Product Material: 
Fabric: PP cotton + cotton and linen blended
Filling: PP
Product Size: about 40*20*22CM / 15.7*7.9*8.7inch


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