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Much like your home, you feel better when your car is clean and spotless, rather than coated in a layer of dirt with a helpful “wash me” hand drawn on the rear windshield. While your home occasionally becomes a bit messy, you still regularly clean the bathrooms and wipe down kitchen counters, right? It’s the same idea with your car. It’s your largest accessory, and a regular car wash will keep it looking its best. A pressure washer can help make washing a car easier, for as you spray water on the surface, the dirt, debris, and grime will also be removed. 

This Pressure Water Gun will help you make your car look brand new. The Rotational technology within the cone provides incredibly fast and effective cleaning on nearly any surface. Besides, it produces enormous power with a very small air compressor, increasing the speed and efficiency of normal cleaning processes. Guarantee to clean in the tightest spaces cleaning cracks and crevices, it is portable and environment-friendly, durable construction for lasting value. 

Color: White
Connection: European Plug
Handle Material: Aluminum
Working Pressure: 6.2-9.5 KG pressure
Cleaning Container: 1 liter
Tool Length: 320 mm
Capacity: 1000ml
Liquid: Neutral

Package Included:
1 x Cleaning Gun + 1 x Black Brush


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