Car Driver Back Cushion And Neck Pillow

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When traveling long distances, neck stiffness is frequent, particularly if you haven’t had enough time to rest or relax. As a result, proper posture and spinal alignment are critical to being comfortable throughout a vehicle drive. Given the limited area for movement and stretching, it’s obvious that good spinal alignment isn’t always attainable. This puts pressure not just on your back, but also on your head, neck, and jaws.
A vehicle headrest cushion may assist with this. Because of the support it provides, it enhances the probability that your back will be able to keep good posture. It’s as easy as adding a layer of head cushioning. Once you’ve relaxed your head enough to fall asleep, you won’t have to constantly shift your body to an unpleasant posture.
Our product is a new automobile comfort and travel pillow. Our ergonomic, handcrafted design conforms to your body. The headrest posture supports the cervical spine and cushions the head, melting away stress when traveling, camping, or working from home. The lumbar posture provides the comfort and support that sore back muscles need to go through a long journey or a short commute.

Material: Synthetic Fiber
Filling Material: Synthetic Fiber

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