Car Detailing and Cleaning Brush

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When it comes to detailing your vehicle, you’ll need the best detail brushes to take care of the finishing touches. And while many of you may have plenty of sponges, towels, or buckets at home, these items are not enough if you truly want your car to look its best. Any pro detailer will tell you that you’ll need a top-quality detailing brush to get it done. 

Use our Famous Detailing Brush once and you’ll wonder how you ever detailed your vehicle without it. The soft, synthetic bristles are clear-coat safe and perfect for use on virtually any surface. This functional brush excels for every detailing task, including wheel cleaning, interior dusting, wax removal from emblems, and anything else you can think of. The top-quality construction means the brush will last several years, even when used regularly with high-octane wheel cleaners. Our Famous Detailing Brush features a wood handle that’s been sanded down for a smooth finish. The feathered bristles give a gentle, yet effective touch. This simple yet efficient tool will make just about any detailing task easier, from exterior to interior care.

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