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There are plenty of reasons to clean out your car’s air conditioner. One potential reason is that you notice a foul odor coming from your air conditioning vents. An even greater reason is to improve fuel efficiency. This might surprise you, but cleaning dust and debris out of your air conditioner actually helps it to function more smoothly. This, in turn, helps your vehicle use gas more efficiently.

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This Professional Car Cleaning Brush, with moderate hardness, matching towels, and brushes of different lengths and thicknesses, can safely clean your car air vent effectively. Great for wet and dry use, this multi-function brush aims to remove dust, bread crumbs, and other small items. This little vent brush can be stashed neatly anywhere and used in a flash to maintain a crumb- and dust-free space. The bristles are firmly attached, so the brush will never be shed. Use this brush to clean between air vents and in seams – anywhere that the vacuum misses. The bristles are sturdy enough to loosen stubborn dust and dirt, but they are soft enough to clean delicate clear plastic panels without scratching.

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