Automatic Interactive Cat Ball Toys

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Cats either love cat toys or don’t give a rat’s behind about them, as most humans who share their homes with them have learned. A more active lifestyle may be encouraged through interactive cat toys, such as those that react in some manner to being played with. To ensure that your cat’s mind and body are stimulated with interactive toys, you’ll need to purchase toys that are safe and durable.
After turning on the power, the interactive cat toy begins rotating 360 degrees and flashing a colour LED indication. When the ball hits a hard object like a wall, chair, or door, it will immediately reverse course. 

Material: ABS/PVC
Out Power:1000mA/DCSV
Product specification:60*80mm
Size: 48mm
Packing: Ball/Bag/USB

How to use:
Long press the switch to start, and tap the magic ball to start rolling. After charging, press and hold the switch to start the toy!

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