8000Pa Wireless Vacuum Cleaner


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Vacuum cleaners are one such product that plays a significant role in keeping your home & office clean and spotless from dust and dirt. It allows you to conveniently scoop up dirt and even the finest dust particles from the surface of your room and let you stay healthy in dust-free surroundings. 

Our Product
With a 4000 mA Built-in battery, it can work continuously for about 30 minutes in a fully charged state. The powerful suction of 8000Pa is suitable for cleaning cars, homes, and offices. This product is equipped with a wide nozzle and a long-nozzle suction tip and a brush suction tip which can be applied to clean up all kinds of garbage. The handy vacuum cleaner is also ideal for cleaning your cars. Car cabins have a lot of bacteria, dust mites, and viruses that can lead to a number of health problems, which is why vacuuming the car cabin is a must. This portable vacuum cleaner makes it easy to clean the seats and carpets of car cabins with ease.

Item Height: 15.7cm
Item Type: Vacuum Cleaner
Item Weight: 0.62kg
Material Type: ABS
Certification: CE
External Testing Certification: CE
Item Length: 24.4cm
Special Features: Work with Car or Home
Item Width: 7.2cm
Model Name: XC80

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