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If your youngster enjoys entertaining toys, we offer a variety of top bubble guns for outdoor play. Children like blowing bubbles, and these automated weapons make it much more enjoyable. These bubble guns come in a variety of sizes, colors, and forms, and some even have cool features like light and music. Some even allow you to change the form and size of the bubbles.
This miraculous bubble generator can produce thousands of bubbles in minutes. These weapons are composed of child-safe materials and are completely safe to use. For convenient operation, most of these toys include bubble solutions and batteries. So, browse our selection of bubble guns to choose one that meets your needs. This may seem little, yet it creates a large number of bubbles. Whether your kids are outside enjoying the sun or indoors sheltering from the rain, just place the whale on the ground, pour the mixture, switch it on, and watch as hundreds of bubbles are generated in seconds. This machine can produce a large number of bubbles in a short period of time because of its 69-hole solution. Pour it in, turn it on, and watch your children’s faces light up.


1. 69 Hole Bubble Gun
Color: Yellow/Pink/Blue
Weight: 300g
Holes: 69
Power: Rechargeable Battery
Charge Time: 60 minutes

2. 29-hole bubble gun
Color: Yellow/Green
Weight: 150g
Holes: 29
Power: 4*AA Battery (not include)

3. Bubbles In Bubble Gun
Color: Pink/Blue
Weight: 250g
Power: 4*AA Battery(not include)

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