3D Block Out Light Sleeping Mask

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Why Do You Need A Sleeping Mask?
Making your surroundings completely black is one of the greatest methods to obtain a good night’s sleep, but this isn’t always achievable. Perhaps you aren’t ready to invest in blackout curtains, or you are traveling and don’t have a practical means to manage how dark your surroundings are. In any event, a sleep mask is an inexpensive and portable option for blocking out additional light, falling asleep quickly, and even getting a better night’s sleep.

Our Product
This mask is lightweight and curved, so it fits comfortably and blocks light well for a wide range of facial shapes. Its deep eyecups let your eyes to move while you sleep. The device, as opposed to a flat sleep mask that lays squarely on your eyelids, features curved eyecups that arch over your eyes, allowing them to move. This design makes the mask more comfortable to use while sleeping, especially when sitting straight like you might when flying. Furthermore, the high-quality material is smooth and gentle on the skin.

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