20A 12V-24V Smart Car Battery Charger

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Why Do You Need It?
Automobile batteries always die at the worst possible time, right when we need our vehicles the most. Whether you’re late for work or when you’re in the middle of nowhere, your car may suddenly shut down as your car battery eventually stops working. Here’s when you could use a car battery charger. A Smart Battery Charger is an easy-to-use and trustworthy device that keeps your car’s battery charged at all times, which can minimize delays and hassles when driving.

Our Product
Our Smart Battery Charger is the ultimate solution for all of your battery charging needs. It has a charging speed of 20 amps, making it perfect for charging 12V and 24V lead-acid, lithium-ion, or LiFePO4 batteries used in a variety of cars. Made of fireproof material, this product is compatible with all lithium, lead-acid, and LiFePO4 batteries and has a variety of safety features like smart control, temperature adjustment, reverse protection, and short circuit protection. The trickle charger’s 10ft wire length enables safe charging at all times.

This charger includes an automated trickle charge option that triggers after the battery is completely charged. It also detects battery sulfation and acid stratification, and it has the most recent pulse repair mechanism to recover lost battery performance for faster engine starts and longer battery life. Please keep in mind that this charger will not activate or charge completely dead batteries. The huge LCD, which indicates the charging and battery status, charge voltage and current, and internal temperature, enables visual charging. This feature makes charging more straightforward.

Just plug it in and charge your batteries from the comfort of your home with the Smart Battery Charger. It’s an all-in-one battery solution that’s a must-have for your car.

AC input Voltage: 100-240V 50/60HZ
Output Voltage: 12 V/24 V
Areas of Use: 2V/24V Lead Acid, Lithium and LiFePo4 Batteries
Output Current: Maximum 20A for 12V Battery, Maximum 10A for 24V Battery
Minimum Start Voltage: 7.0V
Dimensions: 158mm x 90mm x 50mm
Net Weight: 470g

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